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There are many reasons to lease technology and technology-related equipment. Check out some of the reasons we feel are the most compelling.

Vantage Financial - Why Lease Technology?
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Preserve Cash

Preserve your cash and bank lines to invest in appreciating assets and profit-producing activities, rather than depreciating assets.

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Flexible Terms

Flexibility to add or remove equipment as your technology needs change, or switch out for different equipment if it's not working the way you had hoped.

Life-Cycle Management

The rate of innovation in technology is astounding, life-cycle management reduces the risks and high costs of being stuck with old technology.

End of Lease Options

At the end of the lease you can choose to upgrade, return, extend, or purchase equipment at fair market value based on your needs at the time.

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One Total Solution

Bundle all of your technology needs (hardware, software, services) into one lease schedule with one simple payment.

Predictable Payments

Fixed monthly, quarterly, or annual payments to best fit your unique needs and budget structure.