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Navigating the Summer Procurement Process for K-12 Schools

As the school year comes to a close and summer break approaches, schools enter a crucial phase, the procurement process. Procurement during the summer months is essential for school districts, ensuring that they are prepared for the upcoming academic year.

Specifically, technology upgrades are a major focus for schools to complete during the summer. IT departments work hard to ensure all devices, software, and infrastructure are ready to go when students return in the fall. Read on for a few tips that can help K-12 schools streamline their technology procurement efforts and make the most of their resources.


Current and Future Needs Assessment: Evaluate existing technology infrastructure and identify any gaps or areas for improvement. Consider both short-term needs for the upcoming academic year and long-term goals, gather insights from teachers and staff to aid in the assessment.

Budget Allocation: Determine the budget available for technology procurement, including any grants or special funding sources. Prioritize spending based on the most pressing needs and potential impact on teaching and learning outcomes. Consider creative financing strategies such as leasing technology to best fit your budget.

Educational Goals Alignment: Ensure that the technology being procured aligns with the educational goals and curriculum requirements of the school or district. Look for solutions that support personalized learning, collaboration, and student engagement.

Compatibility and Integration: Assess the compatibility of new technology with existing systems and infrastructure. Consider how easily the new solutions can integrate with learning management systems, student information systems, and other essential tools used in the educational environment.

Security and Data Privacy: Evaluate the security measures implemented by technology vendors to protect student data and privacy. Ensure compliance with relevant regulations such as FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) if applicable.

Vendor Reputation and Support: Research the reputation of technology vendors and assess their track record in the education sector. Look for vendors that offer reliable customer support, training resources, and regular software updates.

Scalability and Future-Proofing: Choose technology and financing solutions that can scale with the evolving needs of the school or district. Consider future upgrades, expansion, and emerging trends in educational technology to avoid investing in outdated or obsolete technology. Leasing your technology provides the flexibility to scale and pivot as needed, ensuring you are not stuck with obsolete equipment.


At Vantage, we are passionate about helping schools succeed with affordable leasing solutions that are customized to your unique needs. We will be by your side throughout the entire procurement process, ensuring that you stay on time and on budget. If you need help finding a reliable vendor, we have extensive contacts in the education space that we can recommend, or have the ability to work with any vendor you are already using.

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