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Students in classroom with technology


Our leasing professionals have experience with many diverse industries and a variety of equipment types. We continue to develop new industry and equipment expertise as our clients' needs change and evolve.


From office spaces to classrooms, Vantage has a wide range of experience to help you acquire technology equipment, software, and services without breaking your budget. 

Teacher with Students in Classroom Using Technology

We are experts in the Education market, both    K-12 and Higher Ed. We have an extensive background in this area and are passionate about helping schools and their students achieve.


Commonly Leased Items:

  • laptops/chromebooks

  • tablets

  • interactive displays


  • a/v equipment

  • storage

  • software

  • Esports equipment

Doctor viewing brain scans on a computer

We work with many hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country,  providing them with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to best treat their patients. 


Commonly Leased Items:

  • clinical equipment

  • surgical robots

  • pharmaceutical carts/cabinets

  • endoscopy

  • monitors/storage

  • EMR

  • imaging equipment

Businessman, lawyer using electronic pen with tablet

Whether your law office has one location or various locations across the country, we have the experience and the expertise to help roll-out the technology needed to best serve your clients.

  • network/security

  • servers

  • licensing

  • laptops

  • tablets

  • computers

Commonly Leased Items:

Manufacturing metalwork with sparks

Deploy the latest technology & equipment for your team while saving cash and spreading out payments over time.

  • robotics

  • assembly equipment

  • storage

  • computers

  • handhelds

  • 3D printers

  • laser cutters

  • forklifts

Commonly Leased Items:

Man scanning boxes in warehouse with handheld scanner

Logistics and distribution require many moving parts, it is important to have the technology to track it all and keep your business running smoothly.

  • trucks

  • storage

  • robotics

  • printers

  • mobile scanners/ 


  • tablets/computers

  • forklifts

Commonly Leased Items:

Cashier using scanner and POS system

Make sure your customers have the best experience in your store with efficient POS systems and state-of-the-art displays.

  • POS systems

  • interactive displays

  • furniture/fixtures

Commonly Leased Items:

  • handhelds

  • monitors/screens

  • storage

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