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Vantage as a One-Stop Shop for Lyman Lumber

Vantage and Lyman Lumber have formed a great relationship over their time working together, both in the office and out. With this partnership Lyman's equipment leasing is simplified tremendously, taking weight off the shoulders of their finance and executive teams.


Customer Since: 2016

Equipment Leased:

  • IT infrastructure (Servers, Storage, Network infrastructure)

  • Forklifts (Rough Terrain & Indoor)

  • Vehicles (Standard trucks, vans, tractors)

  • Truss Trailers

Solution: A one-stop shop for all of Lyman’s leasing needs; saving their finance, legal, and executive teams time and hassle, while making sure they receive the equipment they need on-time and on-budget. Not to mention, a great relationship formed between companies resulting in getting together every couple of months to catch up!

About Lyman Lumber Companies

Lyman Lumber has been around for over 100 years, starting as a small lumber yard and growing into multiple specialty companies that serve all aspects of the residential construction industry.

Being a multi-faceted company, Lyman’s services are constantly in high demand and their clients’ needs are ever-changing. When a new project comes in, it is important they get the correct equipment in an efficient manner, within budget.


Before working with Vantage, Lyman’s corporate controller had to manage multiple leasing resources depending on the type of equipment and lease structure they needed. This required a lot of time and attention to manage various contacts and negotiate pricing/lease agreement terms. In addition to all of his other responsibilities in the company, this added a tremendous amount of unnecessary work.

"Quote from Brian would work great in some place around here........."


Lyman and Vantage partner together to create a full-service, customized leasing solution that simplifies the entire process. Vantage now acts as a “one-stop shop” for Lyman’s corporate controller and every time he gets a request for a lease, he sends it over to his Vantage sales rep, Jason, who takes care of the rest.

Vantage has the ability to work with any and all vendors, bundle equipment, hardware, software, and services together, and make any changes when necessary. After the initial “Master Lease” is set in place, every add-on after that is just another “Lease Schedule” which is easy to add to or amend. Vantage manages each vendor with ordering the equipment, invoicing, payment, and even helps with the titling of vehicles, etc.

With one point of contact (Jason) and the team of leasing professionals behind him, Vantage is able to provide a full-service, customized leasing solution that saves Lyman Lumber valuable time and money. This relationship has lasted over 2 years now and they are working on putting together their 13th Lease Schedule. Jason and Lyman’s controller have developed a great relationship over their time working together and make sure to meet up outside of work every couple of months to catch up.

Vantage truly values every client we get to work with and we do our best to create long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships that go beyond business.

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