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School District Turns to Vantage Amidst Pandemic Hardships


A large school district in Northeastern Wisconsin was introduced to Vantage through

their technology vendor. Since then, Vantage has acted as a strategic resource and

partner for them, especially recently during the trying times the pandemic has

brought upon the school systems.

When they received their CARES Act funds, Vantage put together a solution that

helped the district get the most for their money. A few months later when they

needed devices for a last minute switch to distance learning, Vantage was able to

source, provide, and fund them within a two week period.


The district enjoys the benefits of leasing their technology and student devices, so when they received CARES Act funds of $1M+ that had to be used or forfeited, they weren't sure

how to best utilize the money without purchasing the equipment outright. Later, a last minute switch to distance learning left the school scrambling for enough devices for their entire district.


Vantage came up with a creative leasing solution, involving the school district paying up front for the lease with the CARES Act funds. This allowed them to afford more devices than they would've been able to paying cash. A couple months later, Vantage was able to source 3,000 devices in the middle of a shortage, and they were delivered and in use within two weeks.


  • Local partner dedicated to finding the best solutions for the district

  • Flexibility and customization in lease terms and payment structure

  • Life-cycle management - hedging against the risks & high costs associated with obsolete IT infrastructure

  • Independently owned allows for creative solutions unlike others

  • Bundle technology equipment with software, licensing, and services

  • Ability to add or delete equipment at anytime


Customer Since: 2018

Equipment Leased:

  • Interactive Displays

  • Chromebooks/Devices

  • Software

  • Services/Warranties

School Info: 16,000+ students in the district throughout 35 schools

Partnership: Almost $8M leased in various technology equipment

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